Delaware County, New York

Hughes Energy is proposing to construct an organics recycling facility in the town of Roxbury, Delaware County, NY. 

Our facility processes up to 175,000 tons per year of organic and municipal solid waste, enabling NY State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act in the Catskills Region of NY. The organic waste streams are converted using our proprietary Wilson System® technology into carbon-reducing biofuels which are used globally. 

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Hughes Energy, has submitted a Permit Application to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to construct and operate a Municipal Solid Waste Processing Facility at 40659 Route 23, Grand Gorge, NY.


The facility uses state-of-the-art steam autoclaving and mechanical processing to convert garbage (MSW) into a marketable pelletized fuel that is a direct substitute for fossil fuels such as coal and wood. The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions, dependency on fossil fuels, minimizes landfill dependency, and provides economic investment and jobs to the local community.

The high-speed composting facility turns your waste into a source of renewable energy in 4 simple steps.


1. Arrival and Loading of Waste.

Each Wilson System® can process 175,000 tons of organic waste per year. On average a batch weight of 22 tons will be delivered into the body of the autoclave.

2. Steam Treatment.

The central control system engages steam charging and waste is treated at 320°F for 40 minutes for optimal processing. Nothing is burned, melted or chemically changed during this process.

3. Unloading and Separation.

Material is discharged from the autoclave and undergoes a thorough an automated separation of  materials.


4. Fiber Output.

After screening, Wilson Fiber® can be dried and refined for sales as a feedstock for renewable energy power and fuel production.

​The project will implement measures that reduce or eliminate harmful environmental impacts. The proposed project will result in the construction of a new commercial development similar to a manufacturing plant. Following project construction, the primary potential impacts associated with ongoing operations include truck traffic, noise, and odor, but the project is designed to mitigate all impacts and comply with applicable regulations.

Engineers and Businesspeople


We value the expertise of our innovative partners.

Hughes Energy has been working with Wilson Bio-Chemical, Sterling Environmental Engineering, H2M Architects and Engineers, and Turner Construction the team has finalised site plans and building designs to build a Wilson System® facility.

Watch & Learn


Key documents relating to the proposed project will be stored and available at the Roxbury Town Hall, 53690 Route 30, Roxbury, New York 12474 and the Prattsville Town Hall, 14517 Main St, Prattsville, NY 12468 to view in person.

Viewing Hours:

Roxbury Town Hall: Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Town hall is closed each day from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.


Prattsville Town Hall: Monday 9-2, Tuesday 9-4, Wednesday Closed, Thursday 9-2, Friday 9-2

Request to Download
Key Documentation

Document translation services are available upon request.

Please include your name, email, phone number, address, and organization and Hughes will send you instructions on how to download materials. 

(518) 303-6901

Members of the Hughes Energy team will be in attendance at the Town of Roxbury Planning Board Meetings. Dates of these meetings and how to join via video conference will also be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

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