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Hughes first internship program

We believe the only way to truly create a sustainable future and to combat climate change is to invest in the education of our youth. During the month of March, Hughes Energy hosted an intern from France, Annie Bélicard. Annie is a 20-year-old law student at Sorbonne University in Paris, currently exchange student at Humboldt University of Berlin. She plans to apply for the Sorbonne’s Environmental Law Master program next year to follow her dream of becoming an environmental lawyer. While spending time in NY, Annie had the opportunity to work alongside our CEO, Dane McSpedon, where she worked on several projects, including:

  • Identifying financial incentives in Florida for new businesses investing there 

  • Researching and arranging introductions to public-private organization tasked with bringing new companies into the State 

  • Short-listing environmental engineering companies in the two primary target markets in Virginia and Florida 

  • Reviewing the contracts which we are negotiating in Denmark for a €160M project 

  • Writing a summary report on the European Emissions Trading System for carbon credit trading

  • Researching and reporting on targeted Fortune500 corporate Carbon Offset strategies and annual ESG reporting

Our team is collaborative, entrepreneurial, and committed to discovering innovative pathways for a net-zero world – a world where our consumption products is not gone to waste. However, we know the fight for sustainable future will continue on through generations.


If you are motivated, believe in our mission, and want to apply for an intern position, please email us your resume, cover letter and what you are hoping to gain from this experience so that we may build the best experience for you.

Change starts with knowledge

Working at Hughes Energy has been eye opening. I was happy to contribute with my analyses to a very efficient team, driven by the will to develop their sustainable technology, and thereby create a better future that involved recycling our waste and making products out of it. The waste industry needs to change to achieve carbon reduction targets set by politicians and Hughes Energy already offers a technology to do so.

   Annie, Intern at HEG   

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