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Brendan Hughes

Chairman & Founder

Dane McSpedon

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin MacCullough

Board Financial Advisor

Dr Frank DarConte

Director & Head of Program Management

Saira Nazneen

Business Development Director

Sheila Hughes McStravick

Director of Marketing

Brenda Bechara

Market Research Analyst

Management Team

Tom Wilson

Inventor and Chief Designer, Wilson System

Jeff Steele

Senior Board Advisor

Robert McCurdy

Senior Board Advisor

Michelle Schorr

Senior Board Advisor

Dr. Andreas Reindl

Board Advisor

Andrew Levy

Board Advisor

Mark Ennis

Director, Wilson Bio-Chemical

Pete Metcalf

Chief Chemist, Wilson Bio-Chemical

Advisory Board

Christopher Ashley

Fiber and Papermaking Consultant

Aritha Dornau

Fermentation Process Development Scientist

Brian Hughes

Project Manager

Technical Experts and Consultants

We are a visionary team made up of scientists, engineers, operational managers, designers and believers. Our goal is to change the future of waste and how we address it so our planet’s diverse communities, natural resources, and shared environments can thrive indefinitely.

Meet the team

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