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Visionary operational partnerships

Our “North Star” is knowing the practices of burying or burning organic waste is not the way of the future. As a company, we are always looking for areas to improve; whether it's a better process to handle material or a more efficient way to finish our fiber.


System Installations and Technology Licenses:

Hughes Energy develops plants in conjunction with our financing partners.​ However, we also licenses systems directly to developers and technology partners who have organic waste they want to process themselves. Hughes will even arrange for the fiber sale for these customers.

Production partnership of our fiber

One of our core competencies is building winning strategic partnerships. We are on the cutting edge of developing carbon-negative products from recycled organic materials. Wilson Fibre® offers a sustainable pathway to cost-effectively realize the promise of such diverse technologies as gasification, pyrolysis, bioethanol and biochemical production, torrefied biomass and carbon sequestration of methane.


Our fiber will qualify most products for carbon offsets or renewable certificates – yet your business case will not depend on these elements.


We are seeking partners who are experts at the downstream production, marketing and distribution of products from our fiber.

Why Hughes Energy

Qualify for renewable energy credits and a higher ESG rating without any new requirements for capital, new process changes, or infrastructure changes.

The Hughes Energy “factories” are paid to take raw material (organic waste streams) and for the product we make. Outstanding returns on investment.

Businesses contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals are key to their achievement. Engage employees and make a meaningful impact in your workplace by rethinking strategy and business behavior to align with the goals.

Our partners

Change occurs as a process, not as an event

We are continually seeking visionary partnerships in our mission to recycle organic material faster, more efficiently and with a greater reduction in carbon footprint. 

We work with multinational companies, federal organizations, waste, and manufacturing partners to implement our technology and create second generation bio-products and bio-fuels. By partnering up with us, your company can step up with the world's action-oriented leaders and join our mission of a net-zero world.

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